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History of Music
History of Music
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Baroque (Mid-Baroque) (6/8)
Roßballett der Spanischen Reitschule Fresco von Söding: Bagpipe and Hurdy Gurdy players


Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Fechtschule (Swordfighting School)

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer's (ca 1620 [?] - 1680 Prague) Musikalische Fechtschul' (musical swordfight) is a typical product of the day (composed around 1668/69) with its colorful and vivid style (= Musica representativa). You can actually seem to hear the swords of the opponents hitting each other in this section from the 5th movement of the Suite. The final movement is called the Bader arie: this comes from the fact that both the winner and the loser end up at the bathhouse, so the real winner was the Bader, the bathhouse owner. (E. Stadler)

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