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History of Music
History of Music
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Hermann Jakob Edlerauer: Verbum bonum Antonio Cesti: Il pomo d'oro


Giovanni Battista Bonometti: Parnassus musicus Ferdinandeus

The court tenor, Giov. Batt. Bonometti (? Bergamo - ca.1620 Vienna), published the collection Parnassus musicus Ferdinandeus (Venice 1615) to celebrate Archduke Ferdinand's 20th anniversary as governor of Styria. The collection contains sacred concerts for 1 to 5 voices with a basso continuo composed by members of the court chapel in Graz as well as by famous Italian composers.
Exultate Jubilemus for four voices was composed by Georg Poss (ca. 1570 Franken - after 1637 Vienna?) a court trumpeter and cornettist. Poss was the oldest member of the court chapel in Graz. It is a measure of his popularity among his contemporaries that he was the only German composer included in this collection.

The illustration shows the mausoleum in Graz, that Archduke Ferdinand had built as his last resting place before he moved to Vienna to become Emperor. (E. Stadler)

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© Image: Helmut Schubert, Papiermühlgasse 28, 8020 Graz.
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