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History of Music
History of Music
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Avant-garde (1/1)


György Ligeti: Aventures

In 1962, the same year that Hanns Eisler chose to write in a clear major-minor tonality based on his political beliefs, György Ligeti (1923 Diciosanmartin/Romania) had just escaped from that political domination. Ligeti integrated the newest, fantastic artificial language consisting of various sounds into his avantgarde tonal spectrum. The Aventures (Adventures), mimodramas, dramatize emotional variations of actual experience and form, in part, the acoustic elements in Kubrick's film 2001. Pre-formed rhythms or melodies no longer decide the structure; the concept of a sound-continuum, here (Example) determined by types of communication, which bring Ligeti (Illustration) close to sound-poems, dominates. (M. Saary)

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© Sound: 1985 WER 60 045-50, Interpreten: Internationales Kammerensembles Darmstadt, Bruno Maderna (Leitung).
© Image: György Ligeti.

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