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This is an old - not maintained - article of the AEIOU.

In the Austria-Forum you find an updated version of this article in the new AEIOU.

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Help on AEIOU


AEIOU consists of several parts called Austria Albums. Each Album is an independent part connected with the other Albums in AEIOU by hyperlinks.

Technical Aspects

AEIOU is implemented on a Hyperwave server.

The entirety of all documents in an Austria Album is called a Collection in Hyperwave. Hyperwave Collections can be of type Sequence. In this case an additional menu bar is shown that permits navigation through the Sequence like leafing through a book (eg. in Stamp Album)

In tackling the technical aspects of the project, we opted to use only those features that could be accessed with widely used browsers without additional software. The newest data formats have purposely not been added until they have been established as standard formats.

Language Setting

Allthough the main language of AEIOU is German, most parts of AEIOU are also available in English. With Hyperwave it is possible to change the language in any document at any time. The only exception is the search form.

Once a language is chosen Hyperwave keeps track of it by use of cookies. Thus the setting of cookies should be enabled in your browser.


The letter A in the acronym AEIOU stands for "annotatable". Annotations - visitors` contributions to AEIOU - can be new entries for individual topics as well as supplements to existing entries. After the content has been reviewed, the submitted annotations are integrated into the corresponding portion of the system, thus creating a living, steadily growing information system about Austria.

To send an annotation, click on "annotate" in the menu bar.


Hyperwave offers integrated search facilities (see Search Options in Help on Search). You can search by titles, keywords, or in the content of the documents. Start the search with a click on "search" in the menu bar. The search form lets you customise your search. You should your preferred languages set before starting the search. It is not possible to change the language in the search form.

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