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Video Album
Video Album
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The Austrian Video Album

"Grüaß Euch Gott!"
(A friendly hello in Austrian dialect)

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Welcome to the Video Album! Film clips from the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and historical material from the 1920's to 1950's from the Laxenburg Film Archives present a cross section of Austrian cultural history, organized into eight main areas. For further information on the contents of the films, see the "Österreich Lexikon" (Austrian Encyclopedia).


From prehistoric times to the 20th century

Architecture, music, theater and museums

Landscapes, cities, castles and palaces

Peasant life and customs

Crafts and industry

Road and rail, water and air

In the 1920's and 1930's

Famous people from all walks of life

Films clips from A to Z

Under the entries of the Österreich Lexikon

All film clips are stored in MPEG, QuickTime and, additionally, VivoActive (for preview only, you can get the plugin at http://www.vivo.com) formats with indication of the file size.

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English version by Pedrick Moore.

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