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ORF Films
"Glöcklerlauf" procession, Salzkammergut
"Maria Lichtmeß" procession, Carinthia
"Ötzi": skull and tattoos, around 4000 B.C.
"Ötzi`s" weapons and tools, around 4000 B.C.
Abbey church at Dürnstein: J. Munggenast, M. Steinl and J. Prandtauer, 1715-1733
Abbey church at Millstatt: Romanesque western portal and tympanum, 1170
Abbey church Wilten, late Tyrolean Baroque, 1702-1707
After the wedding of Karl I and Zita von Bourbon-Parma, 1911.
Alfred Kubin in his study
Allied Council with Keyes and Bethouart
Alpine hut: butter- and cheese-making equipment
Althofen: the sgraffito house, around 1590
America enters World War I: President Wilson signing the declaration of war, 1917
American forces march into Braunau, 2 May 1945
Anton Benya, 1983.
Anton Kothgasser: Biedermeier cup around 1830
Augustine monastery Herzogenburg: J. Prandtauer and J. Munggenast, 1714-1740
Austrian children being sent to Switzerland
Austrian prisoners of war in Friuli
Austro-Hungarian expedition to the North Pole, 1872-1874
Baking bread in a farm oven, open air museum, Stübing
Benedictine abbey at Melk: Jakob Prandtauer and Josef Munggenast, 1702-36
Benedictine Abbey Seckau: Romanesque basilica, 1143-1164
Black market scenes
Brass band from Bad Hofgastein
Bregenz, Vorarlberg
Bruck an der Mur: Kornmess House, 1499-1505
Buildings along the Ring in Vienna
Buildings along the Vienna Ring
Carnuntum: Flight over ancient ruins
Castle at Anif, Salzburg, 1838-1848
Cathedral at Gurk: late Romanesque/early Gothic frescos, 1260-1270
Cathedral at Gurk: Romanesque crypt, 1140-1174
Chancellor Klaus on the issues of neutrality and the EEC, 1966
Chancellor Sinowatz at the opening of a VOEST steel plant in Belorussia, 1984
Cistercian abbey at Heiligenkreuz: Gothic pump room
Cistercian Abbey Neuberg on the Mürz
Cistercian Abbey Zwettl, late Romanesque/early Gothic cloister, 1210-1230
Cistercian Abbey Zwettl: chapter house, 1187
Clemens Holzmeister in the theater of the Salzburg Festival Hall
Crypt of the Benedictine monastery Altenburg, 18th century
Dachstein: Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria
Demonstration for the Republic in Prague, 1918
Demonstration of Austrian opponents of nuclear energy, 1978
Depiction of Christ on Calvary, Graz
Distilling rowanberry schnaps
Dürnstein in the Wachau, Lower Austria
Ebensee Salt Works, evaporation process
End of the Second World War: 3 May 1945
Evil spirits in Pinzgau, Salzburg
Excavations at the discovery site of "Ötzi", 1992
Exhibits from the Museum of Viennese History
F.G. Waldmüller: "Die Klostersuppe", 1858
Farmers` market in Abtenau, Salzberg
Farmstead styles in Austria
Federal elections 1970: SPÖ wins a plurality of votes
First typewriter made of wood, model "1864 Wien" by Peter Mitterhofer
Folk costumes: embroidering a golden cap, Lower Austria
Folk dancing in Salzburg
Folk dancing, Burgenland
Forchtenstein Castle, Burgenland
Foreign Minister Karl Gruber at a UN conference, 1952
Foreign Minister Lepold Figl displays the State Treaty, 15 May 1955
Freistadt in Upper Austria, medieval fortifications
Frescos by Caspar Waldmann in Ritzal Castle, Vorarlberg
Friedberg in Tyrol: Gothic room
Friedrich Torberg on the Austrian literary scene
Gathering the grapes in the Wachau, Lower Austria
Geras Abbey, ceiling fesco, 1738
Goldegg Castle, Renaissance hall, 16th century
Grafenegg Castle, Lower Austria. Romanticism, 1840-1873
Graz, Eggenberg Castle, the Planet Room: Giovanni Pietro de Pomis, 1625-55.
Graz, Styria
Grossglockner: Carinthia, East Tyrol
Gustav Klimt: The Beethoven Frieze, 1902
Habsburg rulers from Albrecht I to Franz Joseph I
Hainburg: Occupation of the wetlands
Hammersmith in Pfarrwerfen
Hans Kelsen, author of the Austrian Federal Constitution of 1920
Hans Makart: Parade costumes, 1879
Hauling wood
Heidenreichstein Castle, Lower Austria: the knights` hall
Hochosterwitz Castle, Carinthia
Hofburg (Imperial Palace), Vienna: 1668-1681
Hohenwerfen Castle, Salzburg
Hunger in Austria: people queueing for food, 1929
Innsbruck: bronze statues at Maximilian`s tomb, 1508-83
Innsbruck: Goldenes Dachl, frescos of wedding of Maximilian I, around 1500
Innsbruck: Goldenes Dachl, late gothic frescos, around 1500
Innsbruck: Goldenes Dachl, relief by J. Kölderer, around 1500
Interior of the former abbey church in Pöllau: Joachim Carlone, 1701-1712
Karl Renner at the Vienna Fair
Kefermarkt: Late gothic winged altar (detail)
Klosterneuburg Abbey: Verdun Altar, tomb of Margrave Leopold III, 1181
Klosterneuburg: Apartments adapted for Charles VI, 1730-55
Klosterneuburg: Babenberg family tree, 1489-1492
Königswiesen: Late gothic rib vault, around 1520
Konrad Lorenz receives the Nobel Prize, 1973
Lake Grundl in the Salzkammergut, Styria
Lake Neusiedl at sunset, Burgenland
Landscapes in Austria
Late Romanesque church in Schöngrabern: apse relief
Letter from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to his father
Liberation of concentration camp Mauthausen, 1945
Machine-made black bread
Machine-made rolls
Making "Hauberlkrapfen" doughnuts
Marshall Plan: Federal Chancellor Figl accepts aid.
Marshall Plan: US Secretary of State Marshall, 1948
Mechanical nativity scene, Christkindl, Upper Austria
Melk Cross, 1362
Men doing quill embroidery in Pongau, Salzburg
Mining salt in Dürnberg near Hallein
Minister of Justice Broda on the abolition of capital punishment, 1968
Minting of a Maria Theresia thaler
Mirabell Castle in Salzburg, marble staircase by G.R. Donner, 1726-1730
Museum of Applied Art, Vienna: wine glasses
Mutual supervision: "Four men in a Jeep"
Nuremberg Trials: Final statement of Seyß-Inquart, 1946
Nuremberg Trials: Seyß-Inquart and von Schirach testifying, 1946
Old grape press
Otto Wagner: model for the Postal Savings Bank in Vienna, 1904-1906
Parading the Lipizzan stallions for General Patton
Parish church in Matrei: frescos by F.A. Zeiller, 1783
Parish church St. Wolfgang: late Gothic winged altar by Michael Pacher ,1481
Peter Rosegger`s school in the forest at Alpl
Piccolomini library: Wedding of Friedrich III, 1452
Placing the traditional golden cap on the bride
Pope John Paul II celebrating mass at the Danube Park in 1983
Porcia Castle, Carinthia, 16th century
Prehistoric tool production
President Renner at the regional conference, 24 Sept. 1945
Pürgg: Romanesque frescos in St. John`s chapel, around 1160-1165
Reconstruction of St. Stephen`s cathedral
Reconstruction of Vienna`s giant Ferris wheel
Riegersburg in the hills of eastern Styria
Roman city Aguntum in East Tyrol
Roman era: Roman glasses from Flavia Solva
Roman era: Terra sigillata vessels from Brigantium
Rooftops of Vienna, city center
Rust, Burgenland
Salzburg youths driving out the winter
Salzburg: mausoleaum of Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, 1597-1603
Sandling und Altaussee in the Salzkammergut, Styria
Schärding in the Innviertel, Upper Austria
Schattenburg Castle: Gothic room
Schattenburg, Vorarlberg: courtyard
Second World War, destroyed railway station in Innsbruck
Shrove Tuesday procession in Tyrol
Signing of the Moscow Declaration by the Allied foreign ministers, October 1943
Signing of the State Treaty, 15 May 1955
Signing of the Treaty of Accession to the European Union, 24 June 1994
Snow-covered forests in the Mühlviertel, Upper Austria
Spinning flax, Mühlviertel
Spittal on the Drau, Carinthia
Spook night: smoking out evil spirits
St. Nicholas and Krampus bring presents for good children
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Apostle Gate, relief figures, 1370-1380
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Bishop`s Gate, 1370-1380
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Gothic baptismal font, 1482
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Pulpit, end of the 15th century
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Self-portrait of Master Pilgram at the foot of the organ, 1513
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Tomb of Friedrich III, 1467-1513
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Wiener Neustadt Altarpiece, 1447
Statement of Bruno Kreisky on the parliamentary election of 1979
Stone relief from Brigantium, Celtic horse goddess Epona
Swarovski & Co: glass and crystal, cutting glass
Swearing in of Austrian Federal Governments of the Second Republic by the Federal President
Swearing in of Kurt Waldheim as Secretary General of the UN, 1971
Tassilo chalice in Kremsmünster Abbey, 8th century A.D.
Tennengau farm, open air museum, Salzburg
Tennengebirge (Salzburg Alps)
Terrorist attack on OPEC headquarters in Vienna, 22 Dec. 1975
Teurnia: Early Christian floor mosaic
Thatching a roof
The Allied flags are lowered, the Austrian flag is raised, 1955
The Danube School: Cistercian Abbey Zwettl, Bernhard Altar, around 1500
The Danube School: Sebastian Altar by Albrecht Altdorfer, 1509-1518
The Second Republic: first parliamentary elections, 25 November 1945
The Second Republic: Recovering works of art
The Youth of Magdalensberg, 16th century
Thomas Bernhard in an interview on the Salzburg Festival
Tractor production at Steyr-Daimler-Puch, 1950`s
Tramway at Karlsplatz in Vienna, 1940`s
Tratzberg Castle, Tyrol
Trinity church in Vienna by Fritz Wotruba, 1974-1976
Trolls and witches in Pongau, Salzburg
Tyrolean harpist
Tyrolean harpists
UNRRA relief campaign: 1946/47
Venus of Willendorf, around 25,000 B.C.
Verdun Altar in Klosterneuburg: Panel with Crucifiction of Christ, 1331.
Vienna State Opera, 1861-1869
Vienna, Arsenal: Theophil v. Hansen 1849-1856
Vienna, Hundertwasser House, 1985
Vienna, Lower Belvedere Palace: Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, 1713-1723
Vienna, Michaelerplatz: Business premises by Adolf Loos, 1909-1911
Vienna, Museum of Fine Arts, Egyptian-Oriental collection
Vienna, Museum of Fine Arts, Secondary Gallery
Vienna, Parliament: Theophil von Hansen, 1873-1883
Vienna, Upper Beleveder Palace: Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, 1713-1723
Vienna: Church at Steinhof, Otto Wagner, 1902-1907
Vienna: Church at Steinhof, presbytery mosaic
Vienna: Church at Steinhof. Windows by Kolo Moser, 1904
Vienna: Church of St. Charles Bartholomew, 1716-1739
Vienna: construction of the metro at St. Stephen`s Square, 1970`s
Vienna: Josephinum, anatomical wax figures
Vienna: Plague Column, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, 1687
Vienna: The "Reichsbrücke" bridge collapses, 1 Aug. 1976
Vienna: the Capuchin Crypt, the tomb of Charles VI
Vienna: UNO City complex shortly after completion, 1979
Vienna: winter palace of Prince Eugene, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, 1695-97
Vineyards in the Wachau, Lower Austria
Waidhofen on the Ybbs, Lower Austria
Water-driven flour mill
Weaving a rug on a loom, Mühlviertel
Whitsuntide: traditional jousting in Carinthia
Wiener Secession group, J.M. Olbrich, 1897-1898
Wiener Werkstätte: works by Kolo Moser

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