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Letter W (17/25)
Films under "Wieden" Films under "Wiener Sängerknaben"

Films under "Wien"

The University of Vienna, 1936
Open air theater in Vienna, around 1934
Vienna, public bathing beach "Gänsehäufel"
Vienna, "Dianabad" swimming pool, 1920`s
Cacti in the hothouse of Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, around 1935
The occupying forces on parade, Heldenplatz, Vienna, 1955
City traffic in Vienna, around 1926
Franz Schubert`s birthplace, Nußdorferstraße 54, Vienna, 1930`s
Honorary tombs of Austrian musicians
Accident log of theVienna tramways, around 1926
Mayor Seitz opens the urban railway, 1925
Vienna, Mariahilfer Street, 1930`s
Vienna, Floridsdorf, 1940
"Heurigen" wine tavern, around 1936
Vienna at Night, tourism film, around 1936
Reconstruction of the Vienna State Opera
Natural History Museum
"Stop at crosswalks", instructional film, 1926
"Don`t block traffic", instructional film, 1926
Buildings along the Ring in Vienna
Vienna: Church at Steinhof. Windows by Kolo Moser, 1904
Wiener Secession group, J.M. Olbrich, 1897-1898
Vienna: Church at Steinhof, Otto Wagner, 1902-1907
Vienna: Church at Steinhof, presbytery mosaic
Buildings along the Vienna Ring
Vienna, Hundertwasser House, 1985
Vienna State Opera, 1861-1869
Vienna, Museum of Fine Arts, Secondary Gallery
Vienna, Museum of Fine Arts, Egyptian-Oriental collection
Vienna, Arsenal: Theophil v. Hansen 1849-1856
Vienna, Parliament: Theophil von Hansen, 1873-1883
Rooftops of Vienna, city center
Vienna: winter palace of Prince Eugene, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, 1695-97
Vienna: Church of St. Charles Bartholomew, 1716-1739
Vienna: Plague Column, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, 1687
Vienna: the Capuchine Crypt, the tomb of Charles VI
Vienna: Josephinum, anatomical wax figures
Karl Renner at the Vienna Fair
Reconstruction of Vienna`s giant Ferris wheel
Reconstruction of St. Stephen`s cathedral
Tramway at Karlsplatz in Vienna, 1940`s
Vienna: UNO City complex shortly after completion, 1979
Exhibits from the Museum of Viennese History
Museum of Applied Art, Vienna: wine glasses
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Gothic baptismal font, 1482
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Apostle Gate, relief figures, 1370-1380
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Bishop`s Gate, 1370-1380
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Pulpit, end of the 15th century
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Wiener Neustadt Altarpiece, 1447
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Tomb of Friedrich III, 1467-1513
St. Stephen`s Cathedral: Self-portrait of Master Pilgram at the foot of the organ, 1513
Gustav Klimt: The Beethoven Frieze, 1902
Vienna, Michaelerplatz: Business premises by Adolf Loos, 1909-1911
Otto Wagner: model for the Postal Savings Bank in Vienna, 1904-1906
Pope John Paul II celebrating mass at the Danube Park in 1983
Vienna, Lower Belvedere Palace: Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, 1713-1723
Vienna, Upper Belvedere Palace,1713-1723
Vienna: construction of the metro at St. Stephen`s Square, 1970`s
Vienna: UNO-City by Johann Staber, 1973-1979.

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