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Films under "Malerei"

Klosterneuburg: Babenberg family tree, 1489-1492
Geras Abbey, ceiling fesco, 1738
F.G. Waldmüller: "Die Klostersuppe", 1858
Parish church in Matrei: frescos by F.A. Zeiller, 1783
The Danube School: Sebastian Altar by Albrecht Altdorfer, 1509-1518
The Danube School: Cistercian Abbey Zwettl, Bernhard Altar, around 1500
Cathedral at Gurk: late Romanesque/early Gothic frescos, 1260-1270
Frescos by Caspar Waldmann in Ritzal Castle, Vorarlberg
Parish church St. Wolfgang: late Gothic winged altar by Michael Pacher ,1481
Pürgg: Romanesque frescos in St. John`s chapel, around 1160-1165

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