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Letter B (19/36)
Films under "Blasmusik" Films under "Braunau am Inn"

Films under "Brauch"

Corpus Christi procession on Hallstatt Lake, before 1920
Palm Sunday procession in Lunz am See, Lower Austria, 1920`s
Epiphany singers in Vienna, 1935
Religious procession on August 15th, Murau, Styria, 1930`s
Grape harvest festival, Wachau,around 1934
"St. Leonhard Ride", Niederndorf, Tyrol, around 1934
Spook night: masked procession, around 1935
Shrove Tuesday in Tyrol, witches` sabbath, around 1934
Shrove Tuesday in Tyrol, making a wooden mask, around 1934
Peasant lads wrestling, Salzburg, around 1934
Consecration of automobiles
Shrove Tuesday procession in Tyrol
Men doing quill embroidery in Pongau, Salzburg
Trolls and witches in Pongau, Salzburg
Evil spirits in Pinzgau, Salzburg
Salzburg youths driving out the winter
Spook night: smoking out evil spirits
Whitsuntide: traditional jousting in Carinthia
"Maria Lichtmeß" procession, Carinthia
Mechanical nativity scene, Christkindl, Upper Austria
St. Nicholas and Krampus bring presents for good children
"Glöcklerlauf" procession, Salzkammergut

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