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Schubert's memorial

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At Schubert Park, Vienna, 18th district, Währinger Straße, behind no.123.

Christian Friedrich Ludwig Förster (cf. "Österreich-Lexikon") designed the architecture of the tomb, based on a sketch by Schubert's friend Franz Schober (cf. "Österreich-Lexikon").

The epitaph was written by the Austrian dramatist Franz Grillparzer:

The Art of Music here entombed a rich possession, but yet far fairer hopes: Franz Schubert lies buried here - born on January 31st, 1797, died on November 19th, 1828, 31 years old.

Left to the honorary tomb is a memorial plaque.


Franz Schubert in portraits
Cemetery of Währing, about 1832 Plaque near Schubert's honorary tomb

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