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Todesco Palais
1010 Vienna, Kärtnerstraße 51

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This building is situated in Kärnterstraße, opposite the Vienna Staatsoper. That is where Strauß met the famous opera singer Jetty Treffz, whose real name was Henriette Chalupetzky. Treffz was her artistic name and her mother’s maiden name. 
She had given birth to 7 children before, and after her marriage to Strauß she handed them over to their respective fathers, i.e. the banker Maurice Todesco and the architect Peter Cavaliere di Galvagni. Henrietta accompanied Strauß on his concert tours, was his perfect manager, furnished all his apartments and also showed him the way how to become a successful composer of operettas. 
Johann Strauß in pictures
Successor building of the Dianabad-Saal, where the "Blue Danube Waltz" was first performed  Vienna, St.Stephen’s Cathedral

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