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Haydn’s house at Eisenstadt, Haydngasse 21

© Photo Archive Schilder
Haydn bought the house in 1766 and lived there till about 1778, except during the time when he was in service at Castle Esterháza. The house burnt down in 1768 and 1776, but was rebuilt again and again. Nowadays the one-storey building houses a Haydn museum that is open to the public.

At present there are plans to unite the recently purchased neighbouring building with the Haydn house to form a Haydn centre. In a special room even tourists should have the opportunity to experience Haydn music in a multi-media presentation. This arrangement, designed for music specialists on the one side and a broad public of tourists on the other, would be the first establishment of its kind specialising on Haydn only.


Joseph Haydn in pictures
Esterházy Castle at Eisenstadt Haydn memorial plaque, Kohlmarkt (Vienna)

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