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Memorial plaque at Kohlmarkt, Vienna, 1st district, Kohlmarkt 11

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Around 1750 Haydn was in a difficult position. He had lodgings in the Michaelerhaus/Kohlmarkt and by studying hard matured as a composer. There he wrote his first mass in F major, his first work for the stage, "The Crooked Devil", 1751 and his first string quartets.

Princess Maria Octavia Esterházy had lodgings on the first floor of this house and Haydn could not yet know how decisive this family would become for him later on. The libretto writer Pietro Metastasio lived in the same house and through him Haydn got to know Kapellmeister and choirmaster Nicola Antonio Porpora, from whom he got valuable tuition in singing, composition and Italian.


Joseph Haydn in pictures
Haydn’s house at Eisenstadt, Haydngasse 21 Church of the Piarists, 1780

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