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Selecting your sound material : bars 451-465
Audio Interchange Format (.AIF) stereo: 252kB mono: 126kB
RIFF WAVE Format (.WAV) stereo: 252kB mono: 126kB
MPEG Audio Layer-3 (.MP3) stereo: 33 kB
- - -
MS Video for Windows (.AVI) stereo: 515kB mono: 378kB
QuickTime (.MOV) stereo: 478kB mono: 341kB
Audio CD Link (.VCD) 1st movement - stop bars 451-465
Graphic Interchange Format GIF: 10kB HELP 

German expression in the scores and its English equivalent:
Thema mit Hauptthemen-Kopftheme with the head of the main theme

Source of music (Audio-CD): Vienna Philharmonic (conducted by Carl Schuricht) "Human Rights Day Concert 1956". CD-No. ARC-4.0, LC 7730, 1995.

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