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Hauer The way to "sounding silence"

From Hauer's treatise "Deutung des Melos" ("Interpreting Melos")

"Perhaps I shall succeed in helping a musical European to gain an experience of intuition by enumerating everything that does not belong to intuition, that is an obstacle to intuitive experience, i.e. if I manage to provide the physiological preconditions for intuition. To enable intuition it is essential to eliminate everything sensual, all affections - to wear comfortable clothes that do not hem in the body and enable free blood circulation, to have light food, few spices, a body posture in which the self is not felt, to relax all muscles, to keep your head straight, total silence in the room ... gentle light, moderate temperature, to get rid of everything that might disturb the inner balance ... The intuitive person .. feels present in the cosmos, lives in time, in successive moments, in organic growth."

Hauer's discoveries: the trope and the twelve-note piece 

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