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Hauer's Testament
© Fotoarchiv Hauer
In the following text Hauer put down his spiritual legacy in 1937:

Twelve-note music is supreme art, purest music.
Twelve-note music is supreme science, purest mathematics.
Twelve-note music is the most sacred, most spiritual, most precious gift on earth.
Twelve-note music is the revelation of world order, religion in its truest sense, the only one there is and the only one there can be.
Twelve-note music offers the deepest insight into cosmic order.
Twelve-note music cannot deceive, cannot lie.
Twelve-note music is the unchangeable sacred scripture, the eternal language of the universe.
Twelve-note music is the spiritual reality.
Twelve-note music is the starting-point of the twelve-note culture which will extend all over the earth and will regulate man's basic necessities of life.
Josef Matthias Hauer

Below the signature he put his famous date-stamp which he used for most important documents after 1932. The text runs as follows:
The spiritual father and
(in spite of many imitators)
still the only true
master and connoisseur
of twelve-note music.

The autograph came into the possession of opera singer Anton Dermota (cf. "Österreich-Lexikon").
Josef Matthias Hauer in pictures
Section of trope chart IV Hauer's Manifesto

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