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Wiener Neustadt
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Wiener Neustadt, a town in a plain south of Vienna where Hauer was born in 1883, was founded by the Babenberg Duke Leopold V. The foundation of the town was financed from the ransom that had to be paid for the English king Richard Lionheart, who had been taken prisoner by the Austrians. The late Norman cathedral is visible from afar. Various architectural changes have been carried out through the centuries. The two Western towers dating from the first period were pulled down in the 19th century and reconstructed in the original style. Hauer's birthplace is not far from the cathedral in Lange Gasse 23.
Wiener Neustadt (cf. "Österreich-Lexikon") reached its heyday in the 15th century when it became the residence of Emperor Frederic III. His son, later Emperor Maximilian I, was born in the castle of Wiener Neustadt and later buried there in the Chapel of St.George.
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