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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1992 (36/36)
Christmas 1992

100th Birthday of Space Pioneer Hermann Potocnik

Date of issue: November 27, 1992
Face value: AS 10
Commemorative stamp

The stamp's motif gives away its theme. The discoveries of space pioneer Hermann Potocnik are closely linked to modern communications technology. Hermann Potocnik, born the son of an imperial navy doctor on December 22, 1892 in Pola, Istria, is considered the inventor of the geo-stationary synchronized orbital path, one of the fundamental basis of modern satellite and communications technology. The path of orbit, at an altitude of roughly 36,000 kilometers, guarantees optimal transfer of radio waves. For many years, however, international recognition for this pioneering discovery was denied Potocnik. Only during a congress from April 24-25, 1976 was the significance of his discovery to contemporary space exploration and space travel confirmed, albeit posthumously, before an audience of aerospace scientists, cosmologists, and political and economic personalities. Already in 1929 Potocnik wanted to establish a manned space station on this orbital route, however, at the time it was not known that it is unsuitable for manned flights since it is situated outside earth's magnetic field and influenced by solar winds. Potocnik, who published under the pseudonym Noordung died on August 27, 1929 at the age of 37.

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