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Stamps from the year 1990 (23/35)
150 Years Modern Shipbuilding in Austria Modern Art in Austria 16th denomination from Robert Zeppel-Sperl

100th Birthday of Josef Friedrich Perkonig

Date of issue: August 3, 1990
Face value: AS 5
Commemorative stamp

Perkonig, born in Ferlach on August 3, 1890, remained all his life deeply attached to his homeland of Carinthia. Roughly 50 compositions make up his literary works, which mark the dawn of independent Carinthian literature. The peak of Perkonig's literary career came with his prisoner of war novel Menschen wie du und ich (People Like You and Me), for which he won the Austrian National Award in 1935. On the occasion of his sixtieth birthday the city of Ferlach and state capital of Klagenfurt made him honorary citizen. Friedrich Perkonig died on February 8, 1959, his works giving witness to Carinthia's dynamic history and to the beauty of its landscape.

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