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Stamps from the year 1990 (18/35)
2nd International Christus Medicus Congress in Bad Ischl 750 Years Marketing Community Oberdrauburg

700 Years City of Hardegg

Date of Issue: June 8, 1990
Face value: AS 4.50
Commemorative stamp

Excavations testify to the fact that the area which is now the city of Hardegg was settled around the year 1000. In the Middle Ages, fortified settlements consisting of a castle, church, and local community were set up to protect the border along the river Thaya from the Moravians. Such a settlement existed also along Hardegg's line of defense, as the rectangular ground plan still attests to today. The city of Hardegg was first referred to in the church register in 1299. Many families of earls ruled Hardegg over the centuries, and in 1590 the city was awarded its seal by Count Prueschenk Hardegg. This stamp depicts the city's insignia with the pewter-crowned silver bastion and a golden lion against a blue background. Next to this is an illustration of the castle and underlying city.

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