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Stamp Album
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Stamps from the year 1989 (5/34)
Gliding World Championship in Wiener Neustadt - Para-ski World Championship in Damüls 750th Anniversary of Bruck an der Leitha

50th Anniversary of the Death of Rudolf Jettmar

Date of issue: April 21 1989
Face value: AS 5
Commemorative stamp

Born in what was previously Austrian Galicia (today Poland), the painter and etcher Rudolf Jettmar showed artistic talent early in life. After his education at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and the Vienna Academy's Master School for Graphic Design among others, Jettmar became a member of the artists organization "Vienna Secession" in 1898. In 1910 he became full professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In 1929 he assumed leadership of the Master School for Graphic Design as successor to Ferdinand Schmutzer, a position which he held until gaining emeritus status in 1936. Jettmar can be viewed as one of the most important representatives of European Symbolism. The "Stunden der Nacht" ("Hours of Night"), both "Prometheus" etchings (1910 and 1916), and above all the eight etchings of the cycle "Kain" of Lord Byron rank among his most important graphic works. Unfortunately some impressive works among his oil paintings are lost, such as the great painting "Weg des Lebens" ("The Way of Life") of 1909. "Amazonenschlacht" ("Amazon Slaughter") ranks as one of his main works overall. The last years of Jettmar's life were plagued by illness. He died on April 21, 1939 in Vienna as the result of a stroke.

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