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Photo Album
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AEIOU * Photo Album Cities S (3/100)
Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer Sandl

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Salzburg - Baroque Hellbrunn Palace
Salzburg - Baroque horse pond
Salzburg - Catacombs of St.Peter´s abbey
Salzburg - Entrance to St.Peter´s abbey
Salzburg - Everyman performance in front of the cathedral
Salzburg - Exhibition room in the former residence of the Mozart family
Salzburg - Figure of a stag in the park of Klessheim Palace
Salzburg - Former charity hospital
Salzburg - Getreidegasse at Salzburg
Salzburg - Getreidegasse with W.A. Mozart´s birthplace (1756)
Salzburg - Golfing at Klessheim near Salzburg
Salzburg - Klessheim palace near the city
Salzburg - Large Festival Hall in the inner city centre
Salzburg - Looking at the fortress from horse pond on Kapitelplatz
Salzburg - Looking at the fortress from St.Peter
Salzburg - Looking from Mirabell garden to the fortress
Salzburg - Looking from the fortress to the cathedral and the city centre
Salzburg - Opera decoration "The Magic Flute" in the rock riding school
Salzburg - Puppet theatre performance ("Don Giovanni" by W.A. Mozart)
Salzburg - Rennaissance-period tiled stove at Hohensalzburg fortress
Salzburg - Rossbändiger statue at the Horse Pond in the city centre
Salzburg - University of Salzburg
Salzburg - View from the Mirabell garden to the fortress
Salzburg - View of inner city with Hohensalzburg fortress
Salzburg - View of Mirabell garden and fortress
Salzburg - View on fortress from Mirabell gardens

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